home remodeling center.
David Wright, Vice President
David Wright began his association with Weather-tek in 1993 as product installer. Now, as Vice-President and Sales Manager, he works alongside his father-in-law and company owner, Charlie Ponti.  David is a graduate of Delbarton School in Morristown, and an alumnus of DePauw University where he received a BA in Microbiology in 1982.  David was once the owner of Versailles Painted Finishes. In 1990, David taught construction in Armenia as part of earthquake relief.    David resides in Dunellen with his Wife of 10 years Jackie in a 100 year old home which they restored themselves. They have three handsome sons and three beautiful daughters. Not only is David an asset to Weather-tek, he is a thriving and supporting part of our community.
He can be reach at [email protected]

Clockwise from bottom center:
Owner Charlie Ponti
Supervisor Al Jones
Foreman Dick Cooper
Installer Nick Canata
Mother, Lena Ponti
Office Manager, Linda Krynski
Asst. Supervisor, Dean Jones
Vice President and son-in-law,  David Wright (see bio below)
Installer Mitch Zelaya
Customer Service Manager, "Uncle" Mike Falocco

Kathleen L. Facciponti, 
Web Designer, E-Commerce Consultant & Photographer
Kathleen L. Facciponti,  Charlies second daughter, is also the company web-designer as well as a Photographer.   In 2001 she introduced the Weather-tek Company to the world wide web by debuing to the cyber world.  Kathleen is yet another thriving and supporting part of the Dunellen comunity. Her studio is run out of the tiny town and she resides here as well with her Husband Stephen A. Mennella. Together they raise there three children Angelo, Lorezno & Sophia.   She can be reached at [email protected]

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Not pictured:
Asst. Office Manager and daughter #5,  Karen Facciponti
Computer Tech, Web Design, Photographer, and daughter #2, Kathleen L. Facciponti (see bio below)